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ARISS  PK:145.825 FM
  Voice  DU:145.800 FM

DU:437.800 FM


AO-07 U:145.850-950
Mode A D:29.400-29.5

B:29.502 CW

AO-07 U:432.125-175
Mode B D:145.975-925

B:145.9775 CW

FO-29 U:145.900-146


B:435.795 CW

LO-87 U:435.935-965
LUSEX D:145.965-935

B:145.900 CW

SO-50 U:145.85 67Hz
74.4Hz D:436.795

AO-73 U:435.160-140
Funcub D:145.950-970

B:145.935 CW

AO-85 U:435.185 67Hz
Fox-1A  D:145.980 .4W

AO-91 U:435.250 67Hz
Fox-1B  D:145.961 .4W

AO-92 U:435.350 67Hz
Fox-1D  D:145.880 .4W

XW-2A U:435.030-050


B:145.660 CW

B:145.640 9K6

XW-2B U:435.090-110


B:145.725 CW

B:145.705 AX

XW-2C U:435.150-170


B:145.790 CW

B:145.770 AX

XW-2D U:435.210-230


XW-2F U:435.330-350


B:145.975 CW

B:145.955 AX

CAS4A B:145.855 CW

B:145.835 AX

CAS4B U:435.270-290


B:145.910 CW

B:145.890 AX

EO-79 U:435.035-065
Funcu3 D:145.950-970

B:145.880 AX

NO-84 U:145.825 Ax

D:145.825 Ax

PSK31  U:28.120 USB
PSK31  D:435.350 FM

IO-86  U:435.880 FM

D:145.880 FM

B:145.825 CW

B:145.825 AX

-- Transmit only Sats --
TITA   B:437.445 9K6
LO-19 B:437.125 CW
NA-15 D:137.620 APT
NA-18 D:137.9125 APT
NA-19 D:137.100 APT