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Catalog number: 40931
Launch Date: Sep 28, 2015
Status: Operational

FM Transponder:   Uplink:   145.880 MHz    (CTCSS 88.5 Hz)
'' Downlink:  435.880 MHz   5 Watts !

APRS Telemetry:   Uplink:   145.825 MHz    ax25 1200 Baud
'' Downlink:  145.825 MHz   100 mW

CW Beacon:   Downlink:   145.825 MHz    50 mW 22 WPM
'' '' 437.425 MHz    APRS

An Indonesian satellite LAPAN-A2/ORARI, carrying an FM transponder and an APRS digipeater, was launched September 28, 2015 on India's PSLV-C30 rocket.

Satellite 47x50x36 cm, weighing 78 kilograms brings the monitoring mission, communication and development capability and independence.

LAPAN-A2 satellite was launched together on a mission astrosat India's PSLV-C30 / astrosat.

LAPAN-A2 operates in the near equatorial orbit and able to cross the territory of Indonesia as much as 14 times each day.

By doing so, the satellite is expected to be able to monitor the entire area of land and sea Indonesia.

The satellite was deployed in a 631-651 km near equatorial 97.54 min orbit with an inclination of between 6 and 8 degrees enabling it to cross the territory of Indonesia 14 times a day.

The low inclination orbit means it will not be receivable on latitudes over 32 degrees South or North.

The primary aims of the mission are Earth observation using an RGB camera and maritime traffic monitoring using AIS, both using frequencies outside the Amateur Satellite Service.

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