Satellite Data



Catalog number: 40908
Launch Date: Sep 19, 2015
Status: Operational

FM Transponder:   Uplink:   144.350 MHz    (No CTCSS)
'' Downlink:  437.200 MHz   200 mW

APRS Telemetry:   Uplink:   144.390 MHz    ax25 1200 Baud
'' Downlink:  144.390 MHz   100 mW

CW Beacon:   Downlink:   144.390 MHz    50 mW 22 WPM
'' '' 437.225 MHz    APRS

LilacSat-2 (CAS-3H) was launched along with eight other XW-2/CAS-3 amateur radio satellites on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 23:01:14 UT on Beijing's new Chang Zheng 6 (CZ-6) rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

It has an APRS digipeater and a V/U FM voice transponder which can transmit telemetry data at the same time as voice by using sub-audible tones.

NOTE: the 437 MHz downlink of the FM transponder appears to be about 20 kHz lower than expected, in addition the Doppler shift on the downlink during a pass is about +/- 10 kHz so tune around. If your radio has selectable FM filters use the wider filter designed for 5 kHz deviation FM.

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