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Catalog number: 27607
Launch: December 20, 2002
Status: Operational.

Uplink: 145.850 MHz (67.0 Hz PL tone)  (74.4 Hz to open)
Downlink: 436.795 MHz

SO-50's repeater is available to amateurs worldwide, and it uses a 67.0 Hz CTCSS (PL) tone on the uplink. SO-50 also has a 10 minute timer that must be armed before use. If you know the satellite is there - but there is nothing heard - you may need to shoot it a CTCSS (PL) tone of 74.4 Hz to turn it on !

Reinhard, DJ1KM, reports:
SO-50 is in good health and it is easy to access the satellite. However, SO-50 needs to be opened by a CTCSS (PL) tone of 74.4 Hz before you can operate the Sat. Do not forget to accommodate for the Doppler shift (+/-9 kHz) on the 436 MHz receive side

SO-50 carries several experiments, including a mode J FM amateur repeater experiment operating on 145.850 MHz uplink and 436.795 MHz downlink. The repeater is available to amateurs worldwide as power permits, using a 67.0 Hertz tone on the uplink, for on-demand activation.

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