AMSAT-LU will launch Jan-30 Sea Buoy from Mar del Plata.

In WSPR (14.095,6 KHz) 900 mW, callsign LU7AA.
Emits: 2 minutes and remains 8 minutes silent.
Launch will be on open seas 100 Km from M.del.Plata
Download WSPR program & report to
WSPR reception report will qualify for a Certificate.
+APRS LU7AA-8 e/2 min.
WSPR Tracking: Wait..
Maps: Maps UI-View Mar del Plata
Objective: Sea currents tracking & propagation tests.
AMSAT-LU tested 2 superpressure balloons

1st emitted 1W AX25 every min., call LU7AA-11
Operated APRS on 144.930 KHz, activate Igates.
Changed freq. acording to country where travels
over sea frequency is 145.825 KHz. (satellites).
2nd balloon on WSPR 25 mW 20m 2 min e/10 min.
Call: LU1ESY on reinforced Superpressure Balloon.
APRS Tracking:
These tests were completed Succesful
Objective: Balloons, wind and propagation analysis.
Buoy and Picoballoon trackers design, preparation and building, and following tests at AMSAT-LU lab
Travel to Pehuajo (380 Km), preparation, lagoon buoy deploy, Pico Balloons launch and tracking
Lanzamiento de NEMO-1 a 70 Km MDP 30-Enero 2020 11hs
Pintura y trabajos finales de la Boya, instalacion de pruebas
NEMO-1 Launch from Sandokan Ship, at 70 Km of Mar del Plata Jan-30-2020 11hs-LU
NEMO-1 Recover on RC Mar del Plata February-23 2020 14hs and travel to Buenos Aires