AMSAT Argentina, granted this Buoy Certificate to who helped/contributed to Project:     Espaņol

On Jan-30 2020, AMSAT-LU plan to launch the Sea Buoy named 'NEMO-1' call LU7AA emitting WSPR and APRS.

On South Atlantic Seas, see photos and details in

Launch will be at open seas 100 Km from Mar del Plata, what implied transport and launch costs.

This is reason AMSAT-LU thanks contributions aimed to complete this project. (AMSAT doesn't charge member fees)

All contributors were granted this Electronic Certificate and his Callsign/Name engraved on the Buoy.

WSPR Program at:

Tracking WSPR: or
Tracking APRS: or

The measurements and objectives to be shared are: QRPP Propagation during the tour, Marine Currents, Insolation, Temperatures, Pressure and environment according to route and schedules, Igate to satellite APRS and terrestrial, test of solar cells, batteries, GPSs and equipment on board, etc., all data could be received by radio by whoever wants to do it in addition to being made public via the Internet.

     Following stations will 'travel' on the buoy

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